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While I was writing the post about Sandra Fluke, some internet drama involving me took place. Earlier today, I was seeing tweets that Sandra Fluke might run for office. Those tweets led someone to start the  #FlukeForCongressCampaignSlogans and #FlukeForSenateCampaignSlogans hashtags on Twitter, which led to a butt-load of misogynistic posts. While looking at the abhorrent tweets in those trends, I found:

Screenshot 2014-01-30 20.44.37

Silly me, I asked why that justified the hate in the trend. And that is where the trouble for me began. Apparently, asking that one question led to dozens of tweets coming to me from that person and their friends. So far I’ve blocked and reported five people and almost two dozen tweets. Many of the tweets are below and are full-screen captures, so they might take a while to load.

And why did this group of people go after me for that?


Every bad thing thought I’ve ever had or bad feeling I’ve ever had or insult that I’ve ever received was hurled at me because he’s mad at a whole group of people for calling some people racist or sexist. Well, isn’t that sweet? Yeah, I’ve called conservatives racists and sexists before. Generally, though, when I’m labeling a person with one of those terms, I’m doing it because they’re being racist or sexist.

In my response to his stupid picture, I didn’t call him a name. I said that the tweets in the trend were offensive. And they were. These are offensive:









And those are just a fraction of the ones being made. Those are offensive, but my being offended apparently makes me a good person to ridicule. Or so he says. And people are defending him and his behavior. I’m sorry, but that’s sort of fucked up.


I just fucking hate the world sometimes. So forgive me if I’m not believing that this guy isn’t a bad guy or that this is just a part of being on Twitter or even on the Internet.

This is what I put in the report, including links to every tweet made before I did the report:

I responded to a comment that he/she had made about “a woman made the hashtag” by saying “@CobraTheCdr @Williekbink Is that supposed to make the hashtag any less offensive?” The person responded by calling me a human manatee and saying I would never need birth control. To this, I responded, “@CobraTheCdr @Williekbink You think you’re original, but you really aren’t. And I have been on birth control off and on since middle school.” He/she then said that Ronald McDonald gave me Big Macs for anal sex, said I had no breasts, said I must be a guy, compared my health to that of people who smoke marijuana, made jokes about a forklift, and about my body being used as a suit for the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs. He/she also encouraged the meme started by @_Isabellarina_ and is encouraging other friends of theirs to mock me.

And if it makes me a “pussy” or a “tard” to report those people for that kind of behavior or for making me into some meme that they could laugh at, then I guess that I can deal with that because on some level, I know that I didn’t deserve this. I might not be able to go back in time and stop bad shit from being said to or about me, but I don’t have to sit there and take it now.

And I know that people say that if you just don’t respond that it will stop, but I have to respond because not responding doesn’t work for me.

What makes it worse is that today was supposed to be group, but because there were only two people planning on going to group, it got cancelled. So I get to deal with all the angsty, self-hatred on my own, and I am really not enjoying that. I am so sick of this kind of shit happening. I know it might stop if I didn’t post certain things, but it isn’t right that I would have to hold back my opinion to keep someone from making these remarks. Why do I need to change to keep someone else from saying this to me? Why can’t they change?

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5 thoughts on “Informed Flaws

  • Tim

    Horrid, horrid day for the internet. Sorry you had to experience that. That hashtag was the worst thing I’ve seen on Twitter in a long time. And even for twitter… that’s pretty bad. Thanks for posting that raw story article. Will be helpful for civil dissuasions in the future.

  • Tim

    Sorry you had to deal with that. One of the worst days I’ve ever experienced on twitter. And that says a lot. Thanks for posting this and that Raw Story article I re-tweeted. Keep up the good fight!

  • K

    Why don’t you do a quick white pages search and send them all 20 pizza’s each?

    Currently going through similar abuse from that group of people.

    And I’m seriously thinking about it.

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