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Right wing nut jobs are apparently on a misogynistic kick targeted at Sandra Fluke. They’re apparently so afraid of women being on birth control that they’ve got to make some dumbass comments because they think that she might run for Henry Waxman’s seat in Congress. And the best way to mock a woman? Call her a whore or a slut or anything else that makes her look “immoral” to constituents. Americans can’t possibly want to elect a morally suspect woman into office, even though we elect morally suspect men all the time.

According to shit-for-brains Rush Limbaugh, Sandra Fluke is a slut. He made this comment back when she testified before Congress. Apparently, when Fluke testified that 40% of women at Georgetown reported struggling financially because of the health plan’s coverage, or lack thereof, of birth control, she was giving a clue to her sex life. She testified that it could cost $3000 for birth control over the course of law school.  She testified that the problem existed for working women. She testified of a friend who needed The Pill for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome to prevent her from going into early menopause, which would increase the friend’s risk of cancer and other health conditions, and would keep her from ever giving birth to her own child. (The friend was a lesbian, so she wasn’t in need of it for birth control.) She testified about insurance companies interrogating 65% women and their prescribers about their reasons for taking the medicine; the insurance companies still wouldn’t pay for 20% of those cases, including in her friend’s case. She testified about another friend, one with endometriosis not getting coverage because the only way the insurance company could be sure that she had endometriosis was to have her undergo surgery. She testified that these women, for the most part, were Catholics. She testified that 94% of the campus wanted better coverage. Never in her testimony did she say that she was looking for the coverage for herself. Never did she say that she was an escort or prostitute. Never did she say that she even took the medicine. Never did she say that she suffered from some uncontrollable sexual urges. Nothing about her own sex life was in her statement. But she was labelled a slut and called a “sex-crazed coed” by a man who has been married four times and was once arrested in Palm Beach for having Viagra that wasn’t in his name in his luggage after returning from the Dominican Republic.

He did this back in March of 2012. Almost two years later, she is still being called names by many of Rush’s followers. She is still a whore because he called her sex-crazed and a prostitute. He said the words were meant to be humorous. Yeah, being called a slut is always such a funny thing. I always love being made fun of for my sex life, don’t you? Um, no. No one enjoys being humiliated over being a slut or being a prude. Even guys don’t enjoy being the butt of a joke for two years about their perceived sexuality, but most of the time, men are lucky because society doesn’t hold men as accountable for their sex lives as they do women. Anthony Weiner is a great example. He was doing so well in the race to become New York’s mayor until people found out that he was still lying about his sexual proclivities. And it wasn’t that he was still sending women pictures of his penis that kept him from that office. It was that he was lying. Every person knew that Bill Clinton was a horndog when he was elected the first time in 1992. They knew more about his sex life in 1996 when he was re-elected. He is still touted as a great politician and a rather moral individual. And during his sex scandals, he wasn’t the one who was picked apart as viciously as Monica or Paula or even Hillary. Hillary is still ridiculed by some for “standing by her man” or for “turning a blind eye” to his affairs and sexual harassment. Her choices in those scandals were brought up during her presidential campaign in 2008, but Bill was still respected.

What I’m getting at is that this label so callously thrown at her will follow Sandra for years and it really shouldn’t. Even if it were true, she wouldn’t deserve this treatment.

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