Sorry Mr. Jackson, I am For Real

This morning at about 7:15, I woke up with a headache. I was a bit groggy when I looked at my iPod, which showed the following tweets coming from local über-conservative radio talk show host Dale Jackson:

  His tweet was in response to my saying:



Last night, I had seen a story about Morgan County schools moving employees to part-time because they couldn’t afford to insure them and they couldn’t afford to not insure them. That is what those tweets were about. I have a tendency to go rant online when I see a story that bugs me. This was one of those stories. Well, because I happened to use a hashtag that Mr. Jackson frequents, I got that tweet. My tired and dreary-eyed response?

And he responded, but I was about ready to go back to sleep at this point:

I just got around to responding to that, because, in all honesty, I don’t particularly like interacting with Mr. Jackson, so I tend to avoid doing so:

@TheDaleJackson If there was no Obamacare, part-time employees would probably be unable to get health insurance because they’d have pre-existing conditions or they would still have too little money to pay for proper coverage. If they are unable to afford health insurance on limited incomes, then there is a good chance that they have health problems that have been going untreated. Having a lack of health care coverage and having physical and mental health care problems tend to go hand-in-hand with being in a lower-income bracket.

I don’t think Obamacare is perfect, but I don’t think it’s the big-bad that many politicians make it out to be. I would prefer if it were a single-payer system or if our health care system were more affordable in general like what you’d find in other “developed” or “first world” nations. I think that the system has been broken for a long time and that the ACA, as is, is better than what we’ve had, but that it could be even better and that we as a society should try to improve upon it, rather than just dismiss it or overturn it outright.

BTW – My original tweet was about this story, where employees are facing a cut of their hours because Morgan County’s school system current insurer won’t cover certain people and the school system can’t afford the fine:

Now, I’m hopeful that my response will be enough that he won’t respond because, as I mentioned, I really don’t like interacting with this man.1 I also don’t generally like to interact with some of the people who follow him; they tend to send me messages like the one below at the same time that he sends his and I end up feeling very skeezed out.

I do find the story from Morgan County to be off-putting. A school system lacking the proper funds to take care of benefits for its employees is bad, especially when you realize that Alabama already has the worst schools in the country and that money is regularly diverted from education to other things. Education here has been put on the back burner so many times that it never surprises me that Alabamians are considered to be stupid by people from other states and from other countries.

There is a major problem in our society if we’re not spending enough on educating our young people and if we’re not spending enough money on providing their educators with health care coverage. There is a major problem when we cut hours of those employees so that we don’t have to provide them with coverage and so we don’t pay penalties for not covering them. I know that it’s easy to pass the blame on to the Affordable Care Act, but, let’s face it, the school system wouldn’t have had the money to cover its employees’ needs anyway and that is not the kind of system that we should support.

And in the time it’s taken for me to write this, he’s made more tweets:

I don’t think he bothered reading the other tweet. Not surprising. It’s probably easier to be outraged if you ignore the part of the argument that you don’t want to talk about.

  1. He’s sent rude tweets, like one mentioned here

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