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Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover My rating: 4 of 5 stars I think Colleen Hoover is slowly becoming one of my favorite authors. This is the third book by her that I have read, and I’ve enjoyed each one. This story picks up where Slammed ended, but is told from Will’s POV rather than that of Lake. Now that Will is no longer her teacher, you would think things would be easy for both of them. You would be wrong. Now they’re dealing with Will’s ex wanting to get back in his life, Will’s childhood best friend needing a place to stay, getting a college education, raising their trouble-making younger brothers, and all the drama and secrets that those things seem to entail for them. I enjoyed the book, but I felt like it could have been a little stronger. It was cute and funny and heart-breaking, but it was also a bit flat during some parts of the story. I still feel like it is absolutely worth reading and I have a feeling that people who enjoyed other books by Hoover, or by authors within the New Adult spectrum, would really like this book. View all my reviews

Review: Point of Retreat

Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren My rating: 3 of 5 stars This novella is a continuation of the drama that is the Chloe Mills/Bennett Ryan relationship that started in Beautiful Bastard. It is better than that book, but it still felt like it lacked something, aside from content. Seriously, if you’re going to release a novella, put a little more into it. So what exactly was missing? Mostly, I think the writers left out much of the wit that made the first book somewhat entertaining. I remember feeling like they could have had a better book because they had quite a bit of comedic talent. In this book, I didn’t feel that way. The story was more developed than the last one, but without the spark, I felt like I was being deprived of something very vital within the story. I hope that the other novellas in the series are better than this one. View all my reviews

Review: Beautiful Bitch

When it comes to being a friend, I really suck. I have this tendency to expect others to reach out to me, while I almost never try to reach out to them. If you’re going through a tough time, you can almost rest assured that I probably have no idea about it. It isn’t because I don’t care about you. It’s just that I truly suck at being a friend. It may have to do with being raised by not one, but two misanthropic and agoraphobic parents. Socialization wasn’t exactly something that they were good at, though both are better than I am. Anyway, I don’t want to blame it on them by saying that because the truth is that I could try, and sometimes I do, to do better. So the tendency to keep others at a distance is only one of the stresses going on in my life. Another is that money troubles, but that’s really old news for me. I think the big thing is still that I see and hear my parents bicker so frequently. I think that they’re trying not to get so upset with one another, but they still manage to snipe at one another until it feels like they’re each halfway into a homicidal rage. And, as the money troubles worsen, my dad gets more anxious, which then makes him more agitated. Cooking last week helped some, though he still managed to find things to get overly pissed about. And when I mentioned this past week that he went into a rage about dirty utensils being left in the sink, I was serious. He got upset because there were too many dirty spoons in the sink to be washed. According to him, we had used too many in too short of a time. He has these standards that he’s set where he thinks we should only use so much of a product, only spend so much money on things we actually need, etc. His anxieties end up making him into a serious control freak. And when we point out that he’s being unreasonable, he’ll generally say that he just does what he does or says what he does because he’s worried that we’ll go too far with things and that that will lead us to having even less money and being on the streets and all of these other things. He brings up the condemnation every once in a while to back up his behavior, but he was controlling of certain things long before that ever happened. Anyway, there are other things that are going on and I keep meaning to blog about them, because I know that that will help with my stress levels, but I don’t. I need to make myself do the entries, even when I feel like crap, because I need to have some level of psychological release with this stuff. I don’t want to be even more of a wackadoodle than I already am. Oh, and I’ve kept on working on writing things. I have yet to actually write part of the story. I’m still trying to plot everything out completely. I’ve got the basics of an outline done and the character profiles, but that’s about it. Still, that’s more than I had done a month ago. So I really am working on it. Maybe I’ll get it done and one day get it published because I would really like to not be on disability and food stamps and stuff anymore. I would like to not feel like shit every time “welfare” is brought up because, even if I say otherwise, it does upset me quite a bit when I see or hear those things.

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