You Can Get THAT On The Internet?!

In Scottsboro, there were 3 kids that were arrested for possession of LSD. The police said that they ordered it on the internet and that one of the students had the LSD at his home. This has obviously caused many parents to become outraged because they’re poor children might be exposed to some people who use illicit drugs. And who knew that teenagers tend to experiment with drugs? Suggesting that is just madness.

What was surprising, other than the typical blaming of Obama & the Affordable Care Act and the complete ignorance of the person who wanted to nickname the three “the Scottsboro Boys“, there were people who were shocked about the fact that you can order drugs online. Seriously? They didn’t realize that you can buy drugs online? I know that people here aren’t really up on current events and probably don’t know about Silk Road. Still, how do you not realize that you can pretty much buy anything that you want online? Maybe they don’t realize that even a big site like Amazon sells Uranium Ore, though you have to have proper credentials to buy it. But surely they know that people can buy whatever they want if they look in the “right” places. The idea that things being illegal keeps a person from buying it online is absurd. If that were the case, there probably wouldn’t be so many stories about child porn on the news. Human trafficking would probably be a bit more difficult if that were the case. And the black market organ trade would be just a bit harder. The idea that you can’t find it online is just absurd. This is the internet. If you can think of something to buy, then someone else has probably already offered it up to sell. And if they haven’t, don’t worry; they will. I just don’t get how they can be so shocked about this. 

There was another comment that stood out, but that I didn’t do a screengrab of:

 ….and where are the parents? They should be banned from school…and the one with the terrorist threat needs to go to jail! Our kids need to be kept safe.

The drugs weren’t on campus, so why should they be banned? Do we ban all students who’ve experimented with drugs? Does this person not realize that that’s what a lot of teenagers do?  And do we limit the banning to certain drugs or do we ban kids who’ve used alcohol or smoked cigarettes underage as well? Isn’t banning kids for this kind of stuff kind of an overreaction? No, not kind of. It is most definitely an overreaction.

Must everyone in this area be a wackadoodle?

3 students arrested for LSD
3 students arrested for LSD
3 students arrested for LSD

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