I didn’t go to therapy today. I woke up with my sinuses feeling like they were being jack-hammered. I blame the whole shifted polar vortex thing because 1.) massive changes in the weather does seem to make my sinuses go wonky and 2.) every single thing that goes wrong in the world can be blamed on that right now. Of course, in a way, not going today relieves some of the stress I was feeling over the gynecologist issue. It also will increase the stress that I’ll feel for next week’s visit. I guess I have to deal with that when it happens.

Speaking of dealing with things when they happen, we have been having issues with a leaking tub/shower faucet. My parents were going to fix it, which was going to be fun because any time that the two of them try to work on things together, the whole fighting thing gets worse. (I can totally see why they both hated one another when they first met at work back so many years ago.) Well, they couldn’t fix it because they didn’t have the proper tools for it and didn’t know which ones they would need, so they started having to call plumbers. Since so many people are having shitty things happen with their plumbing, thanks to the polar vortex shift crap, plumbers are booked pretty solidly and are charging more for repairs. My mom finally found someone who could rebuild the faucet this afternoon, which is good. Of course, right after she found that out, we found out that there is a leak somewhere along the line near the meter. We don’t know if it’s on our side or the city’s, but that would be a hell of a lot of money for a repair.

As you may or may not know, any time something bad happens, my dad has a panic- and anger-filled shit-fit. His depression kicks in and he starts thinking that the world will fall apart. It makes sense why he’s like that if you understand mental illness, especially PTSD and depression, and the kind of childhood that he had. (Basically, he grew up believing himself to be personally responsible for any bad thing that happened, which was probably something that my grandfather told him. I think that Dadada probably fucked up every person he ever spent any time around.) This is a man who has panic attacks even when a cup of water spills. I’m not exaggerating that, by the way. He really does panic.

Well, I knew that something needed to be done to see if we could get the rest of the stuff fixed, so I sent an email to a group called Huntsville Assistance Program. The email went something((exactly)) like this:

Hi, I don’t know if I’m doing this right, but my family is in need of assistance. My parents and I are on disability for physical and mental health reasons, which puts us on a very fixed income. Our home is in need of plumbing and electrical repairs. We also need our roof and siding replaced & some broken windows fixed. The Community Development office has offered to provide the roofing and siding supplies, but we have to find the manpower for that. We haven’t asked for assistance on the other issues because they are newer. We asked our church to provide the manpower for the roofing/siding back in October, but they haven’t said whether or not they will help. Anytime that we call them, they don’t call back, which is rather frustrating. Actually, all of this is frustrating. I was wondering if your organization might be able to help us out or tell me where we could go for help.

Hopefully, someone will contact me from that group with some solution. In the meantime, I started a GoFundMe page:

Any level of help, even $1, would be greatly appreciated.

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