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Yesterday, I got the fun phone call from Nana saying that the aunt had decided that they were having Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day. I told Nana that was fine, while simultaneously feeling a lot of rage and a lot like I had been punched in the gut. I was at home alone when it happened so I posted on Twitter about it. A lot. (Sorry about that, folks who follow me.)

The aunt claimed that that was the only possible day that she could host Christmas lunch, which is probably bullshit. And it shouldn’t even matter because when she made the separate holiday rules, she decided that if we got one holiday, she got the other. She can’t go changing the rules all willy-nilly and not expect some kind of kerfuffle over it.

When my mom called to tell her how this whole thing was disgusting, she gave my mom shit over us not spending last Christmas and Thanksgiving with Nana. You know, the Christmas and Thanksgiving where my mom was still recovering from the surgery on her ankle and couldn’t walk. Yeah, that one. And she gave my mom shit over my not apologizing for ragging on them in 2011 when I found out on the news about my cousin’s son having a developmental disorder. Actually, what she was upset about was that I said there was something wrong with my cousin’s son. I was annoyed that I found out about his diagnosis at the same time as thousands of other people, and she’s annoyed because now I’ve pointed it out on my blog so that the rest of the world can know about it. It sometimes feels like she‘s ashamed that he has this issue. There is nothing shameful about having a developmental disorder, just like there isn’t anything shameful about having any other neurological (or, for that matter, any type of physical or mental health) problem. And I’ve said this stuff over and over on here.

I’m not going to apologize any more for that event. I’m also not going to apologize for the 2002 thing that she’s still upset over. I’m not going apologize or admit that I’m the bad person here because I’m not. I made errors. I do that. It’s sort of expected from a human being. You know that whole “to err is human” quote. Well, it applies to me. I’m not perfect. If I did something that I felt bad about, I would apologize for it, but, at this point, I don’t feel sorry for this stuff. I apologized to people at the time things happened. At this point, if she’s still got a problem over it, then that’s her problem. I wish that she would stop causing trouble for our whole family. I do wish that others hadn’t taken her side because I don’t think this should be the kind of thing that splits a family into a side-taking venture.

Anyway, I’ve included some captures of Analytics and Twitter related to this. The maps include visits that she made or that people made on her behalf. On the other stuff, it’s just ones that either she or someone from her house made. This includes the LiveJournal and visits. The LiveJournal visits that ended in 2012 did so because I made that journal Friends Only at that point. And the number is so low from her in particular now because her IP has been blocked. That’s why I included the one where someone from her city came here via a proxy, which occurred after the IP banning. I didn’t include anything from Tumblr, where I really did start reblogging porn just to keep her away. And, yes, my cussing really did increase because I wanted to keep her away.  And I digress.

So, back to the holiday thing, Nana ended up deciding that she wanted to spend Christmas day with us. The visits to my aunt’s house are too hard on her. They’re about 45 minute drives each way and that’s really not a fun thing for someone with the health problems that Nana has to endure. Hell, it’s not a fun thing for healthy people to endure. I guess that we “won” this round, which should make me happy, but doesn’t because I really hate that all of this happens.

And now I shall go back to my corner where I’m paranoid that she’ll get pissed about this post and do something even worse.

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  • Jessica

    It definitely sounds like your Aunt has problems. I’ve learned thanks to having an Aunt who finds fault in everything that sometimes you have to spend time with the people you love and not let them get to you. 😛 Actually, I usually just bite my tongue and end up with nail marks in the palms of my hand…I’ve somehow managed not to slap her silly. I hope that Christmas is better than you’re expecting despite everything.

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