Daily Archives: November 3, 2013

Okay, so this sort of sucks, but I wanted to try to make a Fox News version of The Fox. So, here it is: Polls say yes News says so Don’t you think They’d say the truth Pretend like nothing’s Wrong or else You might sing this song CNN, NBC, Stories Make our hearts just bleed and we know because we’re told But there’s one thought That most don’t have What does Fox News Say? Birther-birther-birther-birther-shit! Birther-birther-birther-birther-shit! Birther-birther-birther-birther-shit! What Fox News say? Palin-Palin-Palin-Cruz! Palin-Palin-Palin-Cruz! Palin-Palin-Palin-Cruz! What Fox News say? Coulter-Murdoch-Priebus-Bush! Coulter-Murdoch-Priebus-Bush! Coulter-Murdoch-Priebus-Bush! What Fox News say? Lib’ral-commie-pinko-leftist-plot! Lib’ral-commie-pinko-leftist-plot! Lib’ral-commie-pinko-leftist-plot! What Fox News say? Lots of cash Lying mouths Screaming bias and bribing folks Racist men Bleached blonde hair Suddenly you’re angry too Your mom is dead From death panels Lost your job from immigrants But if you watch Bill O’Reilly You will understand our gree-e-e-e-eed. gree-e-e-e-eed. gree-e-e-e-eed. What would life be without puh-uh-uh-uh-undits? puh-uh-uh-uh-undits? puh-uh-uh-uh-undits? What does Fox News say? Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, now! Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, now! Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, now! What Fox News say? Welfare-welfare-welfare-welfare-bad! Welfare-welfare-welfare-welfare-bad! Welfare-welfare-welfare-welfare-bad! What Fox News say? Whine, lies, and myths, too! Whine, lies, and myths, too! Whine, lies, and myths, too! What Fox News say? Sp-ite-ful an-gry Real douche-ey stuff What does Fox News say? The weirdest fact about them is a motto they chose. “Fair and balanced” is the Claim, but we’re in on The truth. Balance Isn’t reporting Myths or falsehoods as the truth. What do you think? You’re a biased network; Truth you do not know. When will you admit? (Fox Sings) Lies-are-lies-are-what-you-do; Lies-are-lies-are-what-you-do Will you ever say? (Fox Sings) Fake-is-how-we-pay-the-bills Don’t like you. (Fox sings) Anti-this and anti-that. Fess up please. Fess up now please. (Fox sings) Don’t-care-who-we’ve-pissed-off-now. Originally posted by me on my Tumblr.

What Does Fox News Say?