Irony of Ironies

My mom called CASA Friday to ask if there was anyway we could get help from them in getting our windows “winterized” and getting the roof fixed. They couldn’t help, but they told my mom that there was somewhere in town that would help. In fact, they said it was their purpose. And it was, drumroll please….Community Development. Does that sound familiar? Well, it should.

Community Development is the department from the City that wrote our house up for having an unkempt yard and for the whole hoarding/condemned adventure last year. Of course, their mission is actually to help lower-income/special needs people, not to punish them. See:

The mission of the Community Development Department is three-fold; stabilization of lower income neighborhoods, economic empowerment of lower income persons and/or of persons living in lower income neighborhoods, and providing assistance to the special needs population in our community.

That’s part of why, after I received one of their letters, I had contacted them to see if they knew of anyone who could help. They told me to talk to my church. And I did, which was unproductive that time. I think that was the first only time that I was actually convicted. Anyway, I haven’t exactly had warm, fuzzy feelings for them since then.

According to my mom, the reason that they didn’t help in 2011 with the grass, or even 2012 with the home repairs, is that once you are actually written up, they can’t help you. (Sort of like how the legal aid people couldn’t help during the whole thing because they can’t help during criminal cases.) This time, though, they might be able to help. If we wait on labor from them until they actually will be able to get around to us, it will be about 3 years. If we’re able to find the labor force on our own, though, they will go ahead and buy the materials for the roof, as well as vinyl siding so that we don’t have to paint. They said that they have the money to help people, but they don’t have the labor because of some changes in laws about who they can get to help out. They let teenage volunteers do the roofs, and a law got passed that said that they couldn’t do that. Oddly, though, we could get teenagers to do the work because we aren’t an agency.

Anyway, if we’re able to do this, then we can get the holy grail that we’ve chased since February of last year: house insurance. Super cool, huh? I guess that I can’t badmouth them anymore. Actually, I could, but I probably won’t want to. I’ll still feel a little angsty toward the judge for his whole “it’s not rocket science” line because it was so dismissive, but since he’s not actually part of that department, then I guess that’s okay.

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