The Sticker Monster

I’ve always loved stickers, so when we finally hooked up our DirecTV receiver  to the Internet, I set it up so that I could log the television shows I watched without being at the computer. It worked fine for a few days, but last week, it stopped. Last night, when I tried to check in for shows, it unlocked stickers for completely different shows. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I checked my GetGlue account today.  That’s when I realized that for the past week, it had been checking me in for the wrong things. And that’s why I sent this email to GetGlue:

I have my DirecTV set up so that I can log-in from it to get stickers with your site. I log-in for shows that I am watching and DVR-ing, but lately, it hasn’t been working properly.

Here are the mistakes:

October 21, 2013
What I Checked In: The Blacklist – The Courier
What It Checked Me in As: Top Gear

What I Checked In: Castle – Time Will Tell
What It Checked Me in As: Fox News Channel

What I Checked In: The Voice, Battles Part 3
What It Checked Me in As: Closing Bell

What I Checked In: Bones – The Woman in White
What It Checked Me in As: Fast N’ Loud

October 20, 2013
What I Checked In: Once Upon a Time – Nasty Habits
What It Checked Me in As: Alaska: The Last Frontier

What I Checked In: Vikings – Rites of Passage
What It Checked Me in As: Fantasy Football Now

October 19, 2013
What I Checked In: The Graham Norton Show
What It Checked Me in As: Titanic’s Final Moments: Missing Pieces

What I Checked In: Torchwood: Miracle Day – The Middle Men
What It Checked Me in As: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

October 18, 2013
What I Checked In: The Big Bang Theory – The Workplace Proximity
What It Checked Me in As: Yukon Gold

October 17, 2013
What I Checked In: Bones – The Secret in the Soil
What It Checked Me in As: Sex and the City

What I Checked In: I Killed My BFF – Do Unto Others
What It Checked Me in As: Team Umizoomi

The last correct check-in was 7 days ago

It feels a little childish to hope that they can get this straightened out so that I can get my stickers. It really shouldn’t seem all that strange for me to be so obsessive about getting the right stickers.  I have a tendency to be overly exuberant over absolutely ridiculous things.

In completely non-sticker related news, I may be getting my laptop back from the repair guy tomorrow. He said it should be done by tomorrow. I think he’s supposed to call me when it is ready to be picked up. I may be supposed to call him to check, though. I don’t remember and it doesn’t say on the claim check.

Oh, and I have an appointment next week to get my blood drawn for the hematologist. Then I’ll see him the next week. (This time I know I’ll be seeing him and not his nurse or a nurse practitioner like last time.) I think my mother thinks I’m getting anemic again, but every time I personally think that I am, the tests come back saying I’m not, so I’m not going to convince myself that it’s happening again until it actually happens again. There is absolutely no sense in worrying about something that might not be happening.

Last week, Michelle, the mother of Tiffany, a friend and former neighbor, died. She felt and hit her head. According to Tom from church, there was a spot the size of a basketball where she had bled. Michelle’s boyfriend took her to the hospital, but they sent her home. She died a few hours later. The hospital should have kept her–even if she wanted to go home. She obviously had a severe head injury. They should have recognized that and kept her there. She couldn’t have realized how badly she was hurt if she was the one who opted to go home. Whether it was her choice to do it or not, letting her go home was a major act of neglect on their part. Anyway, I didn’t go to the celebration of life ceremony on Saturday because I wasn’t feeling well, and I felt bad about not going. Michelle and Tiff were always there when we needed them. Michelle let me hang out at her house while my mom was having gastric bypass surgery done, which was a few days after I’d had surgery and my mom didn’t want me to be alone. She would swap out with my parents on who would take Tiffany, Greg (Tiff’s now ex-husband), and I to All City Choir practice when we  were in high school. We would go over there and watch movies with them and eat dinner. They were just a very integral part of our day-to-day lives, so it’s really weird to think that Michelle isn’t alive anymore.

Oh, and underthegoddess, a Tumblr user that I don’t follow, aka fidelbogen, made a comment recently about the local news that I thought was ridiculous. It led me to go through some of my Tumblr posts and re-organize them so I could prove to him that the area around and including Huntsville isn’t a hot bed for pro-women/anti-men or any sort of  extremist thoughts that weren’t of the extremely conservative variety. I’ve never seen someone so convinced that this area is filled with people of a male-bashing bent. Thus, the new “locals on facebook” tag on my Tumblr. Admittedly, I had started posting new stuff to that the other day, but this little squabble convinced me that I needed to go through and add some of the old public-shaming type posts to it.  I wonder if the guy knows that Christian Adamek’s dad doesn’t blame the news story or the streaking for Christian’s death. He blames his son’s suicide on untreated depression. I wonder how he feels about strangers co-opting his son’s death for their cause, even if had nothing to do with that cause to begin with.

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