Review: I am America

I am America
I am America by Stephen Colbert
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This book is so funny. Seriously, it’s hilarious. It makes fun of just about everyone at one point or another, but, just like the show, the book makes fun of right-wing pundits and their followers. It is filled with remarks that you might take seriously if you were part of the Fox News set. And I’ve actually seen some right-wing people advocate some of the ideas that Stephen Colbert (the character, not the actual person) promotes in this book.

The book has some really awesome tables and charts, which is something I honestly thought I would never say. One table even mentions Black Sabbath and Gladys Night & the Pips, which deserves some sort of thumbs up. It also has essays written by many concerned individuals, including cows and old people.

There is some actual wisdom in this book. For example, Colbert is right that you shouldn’t skip the movie Batman and Robin just because the story restarts in Batman Begins. (It was an analogy.) The real reason that you should skip B&R is that it sucked, which is something everyone knows and admits–even George Clooney. Maybe that particular tidbit doesn’t really count as wisdom, but there were other somewhat non-satirical wise moments that I think even the most daft members of society could understand.

There is a downside to the book. Even though it’s extremely funny, it is so filled with humor that it actually becomes a bit exhausting to read. Other than that, it’s really easy to get through.

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