For Grants and Possibly Narnia

On Friday, my mom got a call from this guy saying that he was from the “U.S. Grant Department”1 and he wanted to “give” her money for some purpose that I don’t think he even specified. My mom answers the phone no matter who it is, even if the number is one she doesn’t know or one that doesn’t show up on the Caller ID. I think she does it out of habit, or at least because sometimes people we actually do need to speak with (like from the insurance company) don’t always have recognizable numbers. Anyway, so she picked up the phone, and the dude started in on his spiel. She stopped him and pointed out that the Federal Government is shut down, so it would be very odd for them to be trying to call her to award her some grant. The person said something about how if the government was really shutdown, then he couldn’t be calling her right at that moment. She laughed and hung up on him.

The guy called again on Saturday morning. This time, I picked up. I also pointed out that it was Saturday (the government tends to do business on Monday-Friday from 8-4, thought some departments work Monday-Thursday 9-3, or something similar) and that the government is still shut down. Then I hung up. He called again. I repeated what I’d already said. He called again. This time, my mother, who had been sleeping until he called 3 times in a row, asked him to please remove our number from the list.

It’s bad when scammers don’t keep up with the news enough to realize that they wouldn’t be “working” during the Tea Party tanrum government shutdown. How hard is it to do a little research before you try to con someone? Their lack of research sort of saddens me.  Show some commitment to your craft, con artists of the world. I don’t want you to be able to take anyone’s money, but the story you feed the people you call should be better than this.

  1. The U.S. Grant Department doesn’t exist, by the way. This is something that I’ve pointed out to scammers before. There are grants that are awarded by different departments in the Federal Government, but there is no department called the Grant Department. 

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