Shot Me Down

Well, I had my follow-up appointment today with the orthopedist. Because I lost my splint, after Amy made a chew toy out of it, I wasn’t able to report that my thumb was doing better. So the doctor asked me if I thought a shot might help. I said that it might, even though I really didn’t want to have one–my mom has had shots for her knee and I know they can basically ruin your day, but they also can be helpful for the pain.

The doctor kept asking me if I thought I could handle the needle. I guess he deals with needle phobia a lot, and that was an issue that I used to have, so I really shouldn’t give him a hard time for thinking that I might be prone to that. I’m not a needle-phobe anymore, though. After like almost thirty years of being a hard stick, five years of allergy shots and 124 injections of BOTOX for my migraines, I have come to terms with this phobia. I don’t even have to turn my head when I’m being stuck anymore. I didn’t tell him any of this, though.

He did the first shot of lidocaine, which burns like the fires of hell. (Or so one might imagine.) Then, he did two shots of cortisone. Those two shots weren’t supposed to be painful, but they were. I didn’t tell him that, though, because it can be very difficult to explain to doctors that it takes my nervous system a long time to get numb. It’s something that I’ve known about myself since I had a root canal in middle school.1 Anyway, I felt most of the injection, and it hurt pretty bad, but I didn’t cry and the doctor didn’t seem to realize that I was in any distress, so I guess I hid it pretty well.2

Anyway, I’m trying not to use the thumb much, which is kind of difficult. He said that it would probably hurt more for a few days, which sucks, but if it makes the other pain get better, then that’s the price I have to pay.

  1. I let my dentist do part of root canal without telling him that I wasn’t numb. It was very painful and was a very good indication of how I don’t speak up for myself. It may have also been an indication that I’m a masochist. 

  2. Does this mean that I could have an issue with compulsive lying? Nah. 

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