Worst. Christians. Ever.

It may seem to be an exaggeration to say that many current American politicians rank among the worst Christians ever. After all, there were all those Nazis that killed 6 million people during World War II. And there were the various countries that explored and settled the world, often killing off other races and nationalities as they did so. And there were the good Christians that liked to kill outgoing women because girly parts were supposed to make a woman too stupid to know better than any man. There have been a lot of bad Christians over the centuries, and I’m not discounting their badness. I think that the current zealots are just as bad, though.

I’m pretty sure that if Jesus were around today that he would be the first to give many people within the Republican party the finger before telling them to stop pulling such dick moves. This is a party that claims to be the party that God would love, but many of their actions make me wonder if they ever read the part of The Bible that Jesus was actually in. It’s called the New Testament, and where Jesus is teaching, you can almost be assured that what he’s saying promotes a liberal, hippie-style agenda that contemporary politicians like to thumb their noses at and call “elitist”–as though a person can be egalitarian and better than others at the same time. It’s just illogical.

Let’s start with the hatred of Obamacare that the GOP seems to have, especially amongst the Tea Party members. Now, I will be one of the first to admit that Obamacare isn’t what I wanted in health care reform. Personally, I think that the nation would be better off with single-payer health care, what is commonly called “socialist medicine” by those in the Right. Aside from being the most fair thing to have logically, it also seems to be the most Christian thing. I don’t remember Jesus asking what insurance a person had before he would heal them, do you? I don’t think he had to get a person to agree to go into debt just so that they could see or walk or so, in the case of Lazarus, they could come back to life. Jesus didn’t card the sick and the dying. He didn’t care about profits over life. He had a little thing that I like to call a sense of decency. And that is why I cannot understand why members of the Republican party don’t seem to get that keeping people alive is worth buttoning their mouths and keeping their egos quiet. Instead of threatening to shut down the government, they should do a little soul searching, assuming they have them, and figure out that defunding Obamacare is definitely the wrong idea. Even suggesting it is a bad idea, because it makes this country look and often act more selfish.

They also seem to be having issues with food stamps. Apparently, providing some monetary help to the impoverished so that they can eat is somehow against their personal ethics. Maybe they equate starvation with fasting, and since Jesus fasted, they feel the need to make the poor do so as well. Well, Jesus had access to food when he chose not to eat. Making a religious decision to fast is completely different from not having the food you need to survive. It isn’t like food stamps give a person access to the highest grade food or even somewhat healthy food. It just gives them a chance to get some basic food products. It gives them a chance to survive for one more month–a chance to hope, no matter how ridiculous the hope is, that they will one day be able to no longer be in such a dire situation that they are receiving pennies from the government so they can afford to eat.

And the love of money that so many GOP folks seem to have also goes against everything Jesus stood for. In case you don’t remember, this was a man who took on the men in the temple over their greed. All of the “end taxes” crap that the Tea Party spouts just shows these people to be as greedy as those people Jesus opposed. Yeah, I’m sure that it would be nice for them not to have taxes, but it would probably be a lot nicer of them to be willing to pay for the expenditures that the government that they claim to love has. To call oneself a patriot, but deny to pay your government taxes to pay the salaries of people who make the country better and safer and smarter, reeks of hypocrisy.

It’s not just these things that make these politicians schmucks. They fail their belief system in so many ways that I think that every single time they say something about their godliness, they should have to donate money or time to a charity that helps with the people that they are so quick to shame. Every time that they refuse to turn the other cheek and promote the idea of the death penalty, they should have to give money to Amnesty International. Every time that they say that being gay is an abomination, they should be forced to meet the family of person who has committed suicide because of the bullying of their sexuality or be forced to meet with victims of hate crimes related to orientation. They should learn what it truly means to love their “enemies” and they should figure out that their mission to deny rights to groups of people and to defund programs that help people is just a way of turning their backs on the person that they claim to love as much as their families, their nation, and their guns.

You know, when I was younger, there were these bracelets that almost everyone in school around here wore that had four letters: W.W.J.D? Well, I’m pretty sure that Jesus wouldn’t try to withhold life-saving treatment from a person or keep them from eating or would hold onto money like a toddler clinging onto toys or would deny a person the chance to marry someone because they have the same type of genitalia. That wasn’t how Jesus rolled. That shouldn’t be how anyone rolls. Being a douchebag doesn’t make you a good person, a good leader, or a good Christian; it just makes you a douchebag.

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