Moments in Geekery

Okay, so Sleepy Hollow just came on and as the guy was crawling out of his grave, I started doing the “Thriller” dance, which my dad didn’t get at first. Maybe I wasn’t doing it well enough? Usually, he is the one who does better with geek stuff. He introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, Star Wars and a shitload of other fandoms. He introduced me to the internet and computers.1 Maybe the “Thriller” dance is too mainstream, but he’s always been a Jackson fan, so I’m betting it has more to do with a crappy execution on my part.

He can’t lose his geekiness because I really hate when I have to explain certain concepts, words, etc. I mean, this is a man who was looking for Kumar when the dude who played Harold popped up on the screen. He helped me explain the word “butthurt” to my mom, sort of, when she head me call Mo Brooks a butthurt racist. My dad understands these things, so his not understanding a particular part of “geek culture” would be a lot like if my mom didn’t understand a punk or metal reference.

My dad’s job is to know the geeky stuff, the boy band songs (and dances) and how to brown ground beef so that each piece is just a little bigger than a speck of dust. Next thing you know, he’ll go the wrong way when doing the wave part of “Bye Bye Bye” and we really can’t have that happen.

  1. Well, Radio Shack played a big role in that, but he worked there so he gets the credit. 

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