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Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
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We have yet another piece of Twilight fanfiction to become a book. This one is actually one of the better ones that I’ve read in that new pseudo-genre. It reminds me of romantic comedies. Honestly, if this were a movie coming out in the early 90s, someone in Hollywood would have cast Hugh Grant as Simon, even if Simon should look more gorgeous than Hugh. (Sorry, dude, it’s true.)

The book was cute and very funny. I laughed a lot while reading it. It wasn’t like the writer was trying too hard to be funny. The humor and jokes in the story just felt natural. I also loved how Caroline anthropomorphized her cat’s behaviors and actions. Clive became yet another character, instead of just being a prop in the story. And I really enjoyed the interactions between Simon and Caroline. They were much more realistic than most relationships in romance novels.

I didn’t like all of the texts that were in the stories. They were cute and funny, and they helped move the story along, but it was a bit hard to keep up with who was saying what. Is it too much to ask for something like that to have a way to distinguish who is saying what? I spent more time trying to figure out who sent what text than actually reading those texts. Maybe I’m lazy, but it seems like something like that should be a bit easier to read through.

I don’t know the author’s background, but I often felt like the book had more of a British style to it. The characters didn’t exactly “sound” American. Some of their choices for slang were just more like what you’d read in a book featuring characters from across the pond. Even the name choices came across as more British than American.

Now, even though a lot of people would shy away from this book because it is, as I mentioned, a former piece of fanfiction, I would recommend they check it out anyway. It’s a cute read. It’s very enjoyable and I definitely think that even non-Twilight fans would find something to love about this book.

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