Sorry, But I Didn’t Order Any Bullshit

I hate when doctors’ offices lie to me. I get that Medicaid is not exactly known for paying their debts, but what do they expect? We can’t all be Lannisters.

Remember when I went to see the dermatologist about my rash? (His solution was that I, hermitic ginger, avoid sun exposure.) Well, I’ve been getting bills from them for $35 monthly since that appointment. I called yesterday to inquire about the ridiculous waste of paper and postage that is their bill. Well, they called me this morning with their “answer”.

According to their billing office, Medicaid doesn’t pay if a person has supplementary Medicare, which is what they consider my plan, even though it is really an HMO instead of (not an in addition to) Medicare. They said that this was a new thing, as of January 2013. Well, I was naïve enough to think that they might be telling me the truth.1 My parents after hearing the explanation I had been given told me to call Medicaid. Even though I have that whole phone phobia thing, I made the call.

The Medicaid person told me that the explanation made no sense. She then said that since I have full Medicaid through SSI in addition to the QMB that I have full coverage by Medicaid no matter what. Basically, the person at the dermatologist’s office was full of shit.

It isn’t the first time that a doctor’s office has lied to me with regards to Medicaid. I should be accustomed to it. I doubt I ever will because the naïve part of me wants to believe that people don’t lie so easily and that they don’t try to manipulate people who are on programs like Medicaid. I know that people like that exist, but it doesn’t mean that I like running into them or expect to run into them.

  1. It helps their cause that one of my childhood best friends works in their office. 

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