Review: Fall of Night

Fall of Night
Fall of Night by Rachel Caine
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I haven’t enjoyed this series as much as I probably should have. After all, it is fully of vampires, and those are sort of my thing. Between the dragging feeling that was present in almost every book, the times when chapters would be 40-50 pages long (for a 300-400 page book), and the switching perspectives in almost every other chapter (and going from 3rd person to 1st person in those chapters) in the last few books, I have been feeling more and more disenchanted.

This book definitely would not make my list of awesome books. It isn’t even one of the better ones in the series. For one thing, part of what made me keep coming back to these books were the characters Eve, Amelie, and Myrnin. Well, in this book, Eve and Myrnin barely have any part at all, while Amelie has none. Eve and Myrnin always provided some of the most humorous comments in the other books, while Amelie would provide some of the best insight; without these three, the books aren’t as funny and they don’t seem as philosophical/insightful. It’s amazing how not having them makes the story so very flat.

Another thing I disliked was the continuation of the bad guy being the person you should least expect. For 14 books, that has been the case, whether it was Oliver, a puddle/the rain/Magnus, Naomi, or mad scientists. With every book, I thought the way villains were written would change. With every book, it became more and more obvious that it wouldn’t change. It would have been okay if it had been an occasional thing, but 14 books that are built on the suspense of figuring out who the big bad is made this formula a really bad idea. Everything that happened in the story made it so obvious that this story was going to be like the other 13.

It is good that this is only a 15 book series. I think that, at least when it comes to the Morganville series, Caine has lost her spark.

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