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Burn by Maya Banks
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I have a love/hate relationship with the books of Maya Banks. The first few that I read were pretty good–not great, but not awful. The more of her books that I read, though, the more negatively I feel about them. The repetitive nature of her books really makes me not want to read anything else by her.

For example, Burn is a lot like Fever, the previous book in the Breathless Trilogy. Ash is a carbon copy of Jace. Josie is pretty much a copy of Bethany. Both guys are aggressive, super-stalking, controlling creepers who speak mainly in fragmented sentences. (Writers seem to have forgotten one of the first lessons in English: Subject + Predicate = Sentence; a sentence with no clear subject is a fragment.) Instead of having a homeless recovering addict as the heroine, we have a nearly homeless artist who also happens to be a dabbler of BDSM and is in an abusive relationship. And has anyone noticed that no heroine in this series has a full family unit. They’ve all been orphaned, either by death or by the parent just leaving them on their own.

The dialogue is awful. Aside from the previously mentioned issues, the way the characters talk is worse than a low-budget movie written by someone with less of a comprehension of the English language than you’d find on reality television. I have seen deeper conversations between the Kardashians. I wasn’t expecting high brow literature with this book, but I definitely hoped for something better than this.

I could see myself enjoying her work more if every book could, in one way or another, stand on its own. I absolutely hate reading the same story over and over. It seems like she doesn’t put the proper effort into developing the story, which makes me hesitant to put forth any proper effort toward reading what she writes. I understand the idea of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but the repetition of basic story elements through her stories could lead to a case of “too much of a good thing ain’t good for you”. In other words, her style is broken. She’s potentially driving away readers by sticking to her beloved formula.

I want to like the book. I really do, but I just can’t see myself recommending it to anyone. It is unremarkable and weak and just a waste of time.

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