Review: The Dominant: The Submissive Trilogy

The Dominant: The Submissive Trilogy
The Dominant: The Submissive Trilogy by Tara Sue Me
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed The Submissive, but this book wasn’t quite as good. I know some folks enjoy it more, but it was like a lot of the stories where the same basic story from a previous book gets told from a different perspective. It’s a bit stale. There were times that I enjoyed this book more, i.e. when he’s describing what he’s feeling or interacting with characters in scenes that didn’t appear in the first book. Overall, though, I felt a bit let down by this story.

This book did make me cry more than its predecessor and was more emotional than I expected. I wish that I had read it before The Submissive because I think that if I had, this would have been my favorite of the two. I just have to hope that when The Training comes out that it will be more appealing, since it won’t be something that I have read before.

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