Review: Reason to Breathe

Reason to Breathe
Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t know what to expect before I read this novel. It wasn’t one that I had really heard about prior to starting it. I was glad that I went in with such an open-mind because I have a feeling that if I had let others’ opinions of it influence me, then I wouldn’t have enjoyed it so much.

Actually, I don’t know that enjoy is the right word. This book mainly deals with the abusive home-life of the main character, Emma Thomas. And when it deals with it, it does so in a very graphic fashion. The physical blows are described in full. The emotional abuse is also very vivid. If you are triggered by this sort of thing, you might want to avoid the book or just proceed with caution.

Rebecca Donovan does an excellent job with the subject matter, though, which is amazing to me. Many writers cannot write abusive situations that are actually believable. Donovan obviously doesn’t have that issue with this story. Of course, she also writes about Emma going through this abuse while going to high school and falling in love, so the story isn’t just about the abuse. The reader is able to see the way the abuse impacts every decision that Emma makes from what she does when she isn’t at home to the clothes that she wears to the people that she wants to be up-front about the abuse with.

I would really recommend this book to just about anyone who likes young/new adult books and who don’t have an issue with reading about books that deal with abusive situations.

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