You’re My Trigger

I went back to the orthopedist today to “find out” the results from the tests. I already knew the results from the carpal tunnel test, but I wasn’t told until today what the findings were on the bone scan. Apparently, it came back normal as well. He wasn’t really sure what was causing the pain until he examined it once again. He pressed on the painful spot and determined that I have a very, very early case of trigger thumb–as in it’s in the beginning stage.

Apparently, it’s really good that it was found this early because if it progresses it can lead to steroid shots and surgery. He gave me a little plastic splint that I have to wear at night while I’m sleeping. He told me to use it regularly the rest of the time. I have an appointment to go back in six weeks, but if it gets better before then I’m supposed to cancel the appointment. Here’s to hoping that I get to do that.

I wonder if having trigger thumb/finger relates in anyway to my having joint hypermobility syndrome. I know the  “swan neck”-ing comes from that, but I’m not sure about if this is from that. I probably should have asked the orthopedist. I swear that one day I’ll get the whole communicating with doctors thing down.

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