Get Together Naturally

This afternoon after watching Shame, which is the movie where you see Michael Fassbender’s penis a lot of times, I was watching CNN for a few seconds and I nearly passed out. There was a clip of “Bye Bye Bye” by *NSYNC and my heart dropped because I figured that this would be some story where Chris or Joey or Lance or JC was found dead somewhere. (If it was Justin, then they’d show one of his movies or solo music videos.) But I was relieved when they started talking about a possible reunion. No, relieved is not the appropriate word for it. I believe overjoyed and exuberant is more like it. I even felt a squee coming on, which has only happened on one occasion since my teen years–when Kate Winslet won the Academy Award. Who am I kidding? A squee did actually come out of my mouth. Poor Amy was so scared hearing me squeal like a teenybopper.

*NSYNC may actually be getting back together. It’s only for the one night, but that’s still worthy of excitement. Hell, I think it’s worthy of a parade, fireworks, and possibly a national holiday. I mean, this is *NSYNC. This is like the best boyband ever. I don’t like NKOTB. Backstreet Boys are okay 98° are probably second best. And the newer boybands just make me really sad because it’s like they aren’t even trying. (I semi-secretly prefer The Wanted to One Direction, though.)

I have been waiting for these guys to get back together in some way since I was a teenager. I mean, I was so upset when Celebrity was their last real release. I had hoped for more from them, though.

I guess it’s good that they didn’t get back together before now, because I can’t imagine how much money I would have spent on procuring releases by them. By the time they split, I had every album they’d released in the United States, plus their German debut, their European “Winter Album”, the maxi single of God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You, the US single for another song, the European singles from their first and second albums, the Britney/*NSYNC McDonalds album, and pretty much every compilation/soundtrack that they were on. (There were some that I couldn’t get a hold of.) Then there are the Barbies, the marionettes, some books about them, the t-shirt from their (May 7, 2000) concert, the concert program from that same concert, the ticket from that concert, the *N the Mix video, an interview CD, every magazine they were in, video recordings of any appearance they made on television (from interviews to Pop Up Video and Before They Were Stars) ,and various *NSYNC toys. I used to joke with my parents that the economy started going downhill when *NSYNC broke up.

So I guess I’ll be watching the Video Music Awards to see if they really do reunite. And if you hear squealing coming from my little corner of the world, then you’ll know it’s just the inner fangirl going crazy again.

If I hadn’t watched Shame, I wouldn’t have known about the boys getting back together. So, way to go Tumblr for promoting that movie. It was an interesting distraction from real life stuff and the semi-drama on Tumblr over the fate of Eric Northman and whether or not Alexander Skarsgård happens to be circumcised caused by the True Blood season finale.

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