Come In with the Rain

This afternoon my mom got a call from a nursing home in Marshall County saying that Nana would be transferred there tomorrow. Mom and Dad will have to go pack some clothes for her stay and then do her admission paperwork. The person told Mom that while they were planning on a 21-day stay, it could end up being shorter or longer, depending on what exactly was needed in Nana’s case.

Mom also spoke to the aunt on the phone today. She said that while she and Nana’s “sister” were cleaning that she found deli meat in Nana’s fridge that expired back in May. She also said there was meat in zippered bags that had no dates on them. She thinks that Nana probably got E. coli from the expired meat. (I’ve never heard of getting that particular type of food poisoning from expired lunch meat, but I do know that you can get sick in general from eating expired meat.)

Anyway, I’m just glad that Nana is doing better and that she’ll be leaving the hospital tomorrow.

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