No Glory in Illness

Last night at around 8:00, my parents and I were watching Game of Thrones and about halfway through the episode, we got a phone call. It was from Annette, Nana’s neighbor and a family friend. Nana was being taken by ambulance to the hospital because she was feeling really sick and weak. They thought it might be her kidneys.

Mom and dad headed to Guntersville, while I stayed at home with Amy. Dad called a few hours later and said that they were doing tests on her in the ER and had ruled out a heart issue. At about 1 AM, my mom called and said that Nana had a UTI, a kidney infection, and sepsis. They were moving her to the ICU and were giving her a really strong IV antibiotic to counter the infection. She said that she was in and out, in terms of lucidity, with her state of mind getting worse when her pulse would shoot up for a short period to as high as 190. She said she was more coherent when it would get back to around 90, but that it kept going back and forth between really high and normal. Mom said they’d come home as soon as they got her settled in, and they did. They got back sometime after two.

When Mom called this morning, the nurse said Nana was more stable. They also think that her splenic aneurysm (somehow the aneurysm is complicating the infection) needed to be repaired as soon as they got into a more stable condition and got the infection under control. We want her moved from her local hospital to Huntsville if they’re going to do that kind of surgery on her.

Of course, initially when we found out and Mom called a certain relative, that relative was convinced that whatever was going on was the fault of Nana’s pain medicine. Even when Mom told her that it was sepsis. She held on to the belief it had to be the pain meds even when mom was telling her about the aneurysm needing to be repaired because it had worsened–even though Nana has had the aneurysm since before she ever went on pain medicine and was told back then that it was going to get worse. (Aneurysms get worse with age because the walls of the blood vessels start to break down.) I don’t know if the relative is still being adamant about the drug addiction being the cause of every issue, but I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s sad that she is in such denial about it.

Anyway, I hope Nana does get better. Even though sepsis and aneurysms are potentially fatal, I don’t see her dying from either. When she dies, it will be from pure stubbornness.

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