Rich People Problems

For some odd reason, I like the HGTV shows Selling New York and Selling LA. I think it’s the prettiness and luxury of the properties that they show. I know that it isn’t the people. Generally, there is someone on each episode that I just have this strong urge to slap the fool out of. The people featured on the show are generally well-off (millionaires, celebrities, etc.) and they seem to be unaware of what an actual necessity is.

I know that that sounds like an exaggeration, but I promise you it isn’t. The annoying person will say something about how they need a large house, even if it’s just a single man or woman. The houses they see will have just under 5,000 square feet and they will begin whining about it being too small for them. They’ll claim they need high ceilings, but will throw a tantrum if if the ceilings are 15 or 20 feet high because the ceilings will be too low for them. They’ll be shown a single room at the property that takes up 1000 square feet and it will be too small for their needs. A closet will be the size of an average living room and it will be too small. A neighborhood will have an extremely low crime rate, be near great schools, and will have easy access to hospitals, stores, etc., and they will complain that it’s in a bad neighborhood.

Oh. My. God.

Their houses are four times the size of my house. Their ceilings are 2-3 times as high. And yet somehow none of what they’re shown is good enough for them. How. fucking. spoiled. can. you. be?! We live in one of the biggest houses in our neighborhood, but its one of the smaller ones on this end of town, but I count my blessings that we have a house at all. Maybe they should do the same. They don’t need those things that they are demanding. They just want them. They need to learn the difference.

If they don’t want to move into a home that they’re shown, then they should just say that it isn’t what they’re looking for. They shouldn’t make up some bullshit statement saying that it is too small for them.

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