What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism

Mom had a nurse from Humana come by. She was nicer than the last one they sent. That being said, she was unique. I liked her; she was nice and, well, entertaining. She brought her daughter, who is studying to become a nurse anesthetist, and Dad had to take Amy to the back of the house because of the daughter’s severe dog fear. That’s around the time that the fun began.

The nurse asked Mom and me if she could say a cleansing prayer. Apparently, there was an evil presence in the house. Her skin was crawling and she thought that some kind of demon was out to get us. She said the prayer with her eyes open and it was the most excited/fired up/charismatic/unusual prayer that I have ever seen or heard–and keep in mind that I have grown up in the Southeast, gone to Southern Baptist church services and funerals, and am a member of a religion that believes that there are modern prophets and encourages its members to testify to their spiritual experiences in front of the rest of the congregation. I have seen what I had previously believed was extremely spirited prayer and, compared to hers, there was a serious lack of spirit. Anyway, she prayed that the evil would leave our home and the darkness would quit plaguing our souls.

She told us that we needed to play religious music 24/7 and do prayers for the house regularly. I guess that will vanquish the evil. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing or even smirking during her visit. It was so…unusual.

I quit reading while the nurse was here, since I was reading Kiss of Death–a book about vampires. I didn’t want to encourage her to claim that reading that book might cause evil spirits to come into the house. I’ve been around people who thought that R-rated movies bring suffering into the minds and spirits of people who view them.

Logically, I don’t know of any way that a disembodied spirit could possess a person, place, or thing (or an idea, for those who go for the four types of nouns). That being said, it could make sense in a way. Think about all of the abusive and shitty things that have happened in this house since my grandparents first moved into it in the 1970’s–right after it was built. If any place was going to have bad juju, it would be this house. I’m not saying that I believe it, but I could understand why this house could seem to have a negative energy or evil presence–if that kind of thing were possible.

After the nurse left and we told my dad about the prayer, he joked that it was Dadada’s ghost. My mom said that that was the first thing that she thought of when the nurse said it. I guess all of our thoughts went to the same place when we heard about what the woman felt.

Now my mom and Nana are discussing the visit. They really seem to believe that evil spirits exist. Of course, that makes sense because some of the family members that say I’m evil are on that side of the family. Nana is also the grandparent who was uneasy about my red hair when I was born and, according to my mom, discouraged my left handed tendencies when I was a baby and little kid. I guess their belief in this whole thing shouldn’t be that shocking.

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