Thumbs Up

UAB never called back about the referral. No surprise there. I guess that they didn’t realize that yesterday’s appointment did no good. Luckily, I found out that my hand doctor doesn’t need a referral since I’ve seen him before. (Admittedly, it’s been a while.) So now I have an appointment with him for August 1st. Maybe he’ll actually do an exam to make sure its tendinitis.

I worry about current and future patients of the resident I saw yesterday. He couldn’t read my blood pressure and settled for what I said it was. He didn’t get any imaging studies done for a problem that even a specialist had trouble deciphering years ago. (All that showed up then was swelling on the MRI.) He also wasn’t alarmed that the problem was one that was ongoing. (I tried to explain that it was something that had been happening for years and was getting worse.) If he couldn’t figure out for himself what was going on, then he should have consulted with an attending or, better yet, just done the requested referral. Guess work isn’t a good idea for a doctor. What if it had been a life-threatening issue instead of my hand acting up? Yeah, that’s scary.

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