Review: Honor Student

Honor Student
Honor Student by Teresa Mummert
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Do you remember elementary school when the teacher would have you write a story and you could draw a picture to illustrate your story? You know, the stories that were about four lines that went something like: “Summer was fun. We swam. We camped. Now we are back in school.” Well, that’s pretty much the best way to explain what this book is like.

Every line was dry. There was no descriptive content. There was nothing that was really emotional or compelling about the story, the characters, or their pasts. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory is able to emote better than these characters.

The so-called story is only actions. Well, sort of. For a book that focuses mainly on actions, some of the characters actions are missing. Not little ones. Actions that would better explain what is going on in the story are missing. Actions during the sex scenes are missing. And the actions aren’t the only thing. The dialogue is pretty non-existent and the dialogue that exists isn’t good. And there is another thing that is very important that is missing from the story…transitions. On the same page, the main character will be doing one thing in one location in one paragraph and in the very next paragraph, she will be doing something else. It was pretty confusing. More importantly, it was just bad writing.

Honestly, this is one of the worst books that I have ever read. I would never recommend this story to another person. Ever. It just isn’t worth your time or your effort.

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