Review: Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard
Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In the world of fanfiction being adapted to book form, Beautiful Bastard is an example of a “fic” that should have been left alone. While it may have been a popular story in its original fandom-centric form, it was not fit for the rest of the general public to read. The story was filled with some well-done snark, but that alone could not salvage it. It was actually proof that the story could have been (and should have been) better instead of being like the semi-disastrous work that it was.

The book had no real plot. It had no growth or development. It was just two characters who hated each other having sex in just about every chapter. Seriously, there was maybe one chapter that had no sex in the entire book. The characters demeaned one another repeatedly and I almost wished that they would come to blows and kill one another to give the story something more interesting than their random acts of hate sex and their very odd revelation that, lo and behold, they are in love with one another. It was too ridiculous even for the most amateur of fanfiction writers.

If the authors would have bothered to make the story more of an actual story, then I could see myself enjoying it and rating it higher. As it is, they didn’t and I can’t in good conscience recommend this book to anyone. I’m only giving it the two stars because I really did enjoy the snarkiness. Maybe in future books that they write, they can capitalize more on their ability to write that type of humor.

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