Get. Better. Insults.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you probably know that this past week has been quite a big news week. On the National level, there have been the SCOTUS rulings and the coverage of Wendy Davis and her abortion filibuster, while locally we have the minor league team doing a “Second Amendment Night” where they’re raffling off a gift certificate for a gun. Basically, I have been more talkative on some social media outlets this week because there has been more to say.

Of course, once you get started talking about a subject, you always encounter people from the other side calling you names or, at least, attempting to. For my support of Wendy Davis, I found out that I am a baby-hater and a slut. For my support of the rulings on Prop. 8 and DOMA, I found out that apparently, despite my vociferous admiration of the opposite sex, I am a sick lesbian. And for my opposition to the Second Amendment Night, I’m apparently a libtard. How lovely. I’m surprised that I haven’t said something this week to earn me some racial slur, too. I guess there’s still tomorrow, so I can’t really say that yet.

I’ve been called many of these things before, but I don’t really get it. Maybe it’s the liberal brain cells, but how does support legalized abortions make me a slut? I’m pretty sure that my lack of sexual experience would attest to my non-sluttiness, but even if I were sexing it up all the time, why should I be made to feel ashamed for that? And if I had an abortion at some point, why would that make me a slut? Because some sperm happened to fertilize an egg? That doesn’t indicate sluttiness, it indicates fertilization. (Open a biology book, people.) And how does my support of abortion make me a baby hater? I think babies are adorable. They’re like puppies, only with human DNA, so of course I think they’re precious and sweet. I just feel that a woman’s body is her own and her choice should be respected. I’m not going to say I’m sorry for that opinion, because I’m not.

Why does supporting marriage equality make me a lesbian? I’m fairly certain that my being attracted to men would keep me out of the running for Lesbian of the Year. But if I were a lesbian, why should insulting me for being one be okay? I don’t go up to idiots and say, “Hey, you lack the mental capacity that I find to be appropriate for this situation, so I think it would be okay to call you stupid.” No, I think that they’re stupid in my head and walk away. If they’ve bugged me enough, I rant about it to people online and to my family. Being a lesbian isn’t an insult. And calling someone sick for being one (or when you assume they’re one) is just an indication of how ignorant you are.

As for the libtard comment related to the Second Amendment Night thing, I’m really not surprised. Anytime I question anyone locally on gun-related topics, I almost expect to be called a libtard or some other version of a slur. For anyone out there who uses said term as an insult, I have this to say: Being a liberal isn’t a bad thing. It means that a person is open to change and willing to discard traditional values. It means that they are open to progress. To retard means to delay progress. Libtard would basically be an oxymoron. I know, you mean to call people who are liberals retarded, but you see, that isn’t an insult either. Being mentally delayed or challenged in any way is not something that should be denigrated. Now, you might say that I’m being a hypocrite because of my above comment on stupidity, but willingly being uneducated (and being especially proud of that lack of intelligence) is a totally different thing.

The next time that I get insulted, I want that person to put some thought into their insult. Don’t just call me a word that you think might upset me. Find a word that would actually be insulted. Do some research. Who knows? You might actually learn some manners or something.

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