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Being Me
Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being Me leaves off right where If I Were You left off, so if it’s been a while since you read the first book, you might want to read it again to understand the first few chapters. This book is better than the first, though. Of course, there are still aspects to it that need improvement. It seemed like the best parts of the book were right toward the end and that the series will end on a much better note than it began.

The characters actually developed throughout this story, which was cool to see. (Sometimes that doesn’t happen within a series, so I always do an inner happy dance when it does.) Chris and Sara are finally opening up more and more to one another, but I feel a bit annoyed at how Sara gets judgmental about Chris not opening up to her quickly enough. It takes her a long time to disclose things to him, so it seems like an unfair/hypocritical thing to judge him for his reticence. There are some character developments that are bit out of left field, and I guess that’s to be expected with a book under the banner of the mystery genre, but it’s still frustrating.

While the books seem to be set up with the idea that Sara has to find out what happens to Rebecca, it ends up feeling like it’s more about what happened to the two leads in their past and what might happen in their future, as well as figuring out what might have happened to Sara’s friend, Ella. Basically, in this book, you’re going to figure out what probably happened to Rebecca, but you don’t get all the answers to the rest of the questions that you might have. I’m going with probably instead of definitely because it’s always possible that the reveal of Rebecca’s fate is a bit of misdirection. I’m hoping that it isn’t, though misdirection wouldn’t shock me at this point.

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