Review: Undead and Underwater

Undead and Underwater
Undead and Underwater by MaryJanice Davidson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

If you look at the title of the book, you think that it’s going to be about the world of Betsy Taylor, vampire queen extraordinaire. Looks can be deceiving. Yes, I knew that it would have novellas, but I figured that since it’s an “Undead and…” book that the stories might actually fit within the Undead series. Just one of the three stories is, though. The final story does have a connection with the Undead series as well, with a cameo by the queen herself.

The stories themselves were somewhat okay. The final one was more enjoyable. It still wasn’t of the quality that I really expect from MJ. All of the stories come across more as writing exercises than actual developed novellas. I wish that they were all a little more developed, so that they all would have felt less like a waste of time.

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