Comments I made on Twitter and to my dad just a few minutes ago 2

Me: Goodreads should add a special star for really bad books and call it the blackhole event horizon star. It could be a Dead Ever After would qualify for that rating.
My dad: If it’s that bad, why are you reading it?
Me: Because it is the last book in the series. I feel that if I have put this much time and energy into a series, I should be able to see it through to the finish…even if the writer doesn’t feel the same.
[My dad, a long time sci-fi/fantasy/nerdy book fan, laughs. This is a man who is still ranting about a series he read back in the 1970s that disappointed him. He knows my pain, even if acts like he has no clue.]

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2 thoughts on “Comments I made on Twitter and to my dad just a few minutes ago

  • Jenn

    Boo. I MUST read this book, since I’ve read all of the other ones in the series, but I’ve heard from other people as well that it isn’t that good. :/

    • Janet
      Post author

      I had read the spoilers for it a few weeks before it came out, so I wasn’t expecting it to be any good. I was expecting it to be better than it had been. It just seems to drag…a lot.

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