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Late this morning or early this afternoon, Amy got to meet Nana. They both seemed to enjoy one another’s company. I was actually quite shocked at how taken Nana seemed to be with Amy. Amy was just really happy to get to explore (part of) Nana’s house, and to get out of the car after the long, hot drive to Nana’s house. (It is about 30-50 minutes away, depending on the traffic and the stops you have to make. And somehow it seems longer when it is around 80°F (~28.9°C) outside. (Have I mentioned that I hate hot weather recently?)

Anyway, little miss Amy Pond seemed to enjoy Nana’s house with the exception of her two angel cabinets, which I thought was funny. (Nana The first time, she backed away from one of the cabinets. (This was extremely funny to me, since one of the angels sort of looked like a Weeping Angel.) The second time, she barked at them. If you don’t understand why a puppy named Amy Pond barking at angel figurines/statues would be funny, then you seriously need to watch some Doctor Who and read up on Weeping Angels and the character Amy Pond.)

I have some pictures and videos of various things that happened today, while at Nana’s, but I haven’t downloaded them onto the computer yet. So they will be around soon. Until then, just know that Nana seemed to enjoy her 80th birthday, even if it was without the members of the family who went on vacation the weekend of said birthday, and that she and Amy had fun together.

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