Soon Night Will Come, Quieting the Sun

I haven’t felt well lately. (Big shocker there.) This is different.  (I always say that.) I was so nauseated yesterday and the day before and my muscles were so stiff that I didn’t really want to do much of anything besides sleep. Actually, my muscles have been stiff a lot lately. I guess it’s the fibromyalgia acting up. Either that or the weather. Who knows? Well, I’ve been sort of walking around in a bit of a daze for a few days and feeling pretty much like shit. I’m still reading books like crazy. For some odd reason, I can pay attention to that. I can’t really focus on much else, though.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I had to “babysit” for Amy. Mom had to go to the doctor yesterday (Thursday) because she thinks one of her medicines is causing the rhabdomyolysis to come back. She may have been right. The family doctor ordered some tests, including one that measured her creatinine. Apparently, in the short time that has passed between her visit to the nephrologist and yesterday’s labs, her creatinine level has gone up. That isn’t a good thing, especially for someone who has kidney failure going on already. The doctor said that if the rest of the kidney function tests come back with poor results that mom will be referred back to her nephrologist for further care–even though mom is never really out of his care. (A good deal of the time, her other doctors have to consult with him before they can try new medications for her, just in case the drug might make her kidneys get worse. Some doctors don’t really enjoy the whole playing with others thing, which is usually what leads to badness.) So, we’ll probably find out next week what the next course of action is for her.

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