This Evil Piggy Had None

I made the “mistake” on Friday night of trying to remind people (on the WHNT Facebook page, of course) that the Boston bombing suspect was a person and had certain rights. This led to my being called evil, a supporter of terrorism, an idiot, a confused individual, someone who doesn’t know right from wrong, anti-American, a reason that militias exist, a reason terrorist/hate groups exist, etc. Seriously? What the fuck?

I know that it is unpopular to remind people that someone who did a bad thing is still a person, that he has not been convicted of the crimes he is accused of, and, because he was wounded, that he deserves to have medical treatment. Still, I didn’t expect to be accused of supporting terrorism or being evil or any of that. I don’t know why I didn’t expect it. After all, this is a page where people from North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee congregate to share crap, and it is not uncommon for them to say that kind of crap about any person who disagrees with them.

It bugs me that it is anti-American to support a person’s Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights. How can it be anti-American to support something guaranteed by the Constitution? I get that people are pissed off and scared about what happened up in Boston, but we have rights for a reason. Bad guys have just as much right to a fair trial, proper medical treatment, being treated like a human being, etc. as the good guys. If the rights only applied to people who weren’t accused of crimes or doing something against the country, then they probably wouldn’t exist in the first place. Let’s face it, the amendments are there to protect everyone here, not just law-abiding citizens. And any person who wants to restrict these rights is acting hypocritical when they claim that a person advocating for those rights to be protected is being anti-American.

I saw people going on and on about an eye for an eye or how it was okay to judge the suspect, but forgetting that Jesus said to turn the other cheek and that we shouldn’t judge others. When I pointed that out, I was accused of being evil, brainwashed, and anti-God. I’m sorry, but how is it anti-God or evil to argue against their angry posts with teachings that are attributed to Jesus? Isn’t he supposed to be kind of a big deal to Christians? Or is that belief discarded when people get angry?

And there were people who were blaming things like tolerance for terrorism, militias, and hate groups. I’m pretty sure that hate, intolerance, and discrimination are bigger factors in the increase in those things.

I just don’t get the logic of some people. I understand anger, fear, frustration, panic, and sadness. I even understand wanting vengeance. I don’t get why its unacceptable to not want it, though. Why should I have to want this nineteen year old kid dead or in pain or forced to bleed out in order to be considered a good American or an ethical person? Why is it “evil” for me to have compassion for another human being? What is that about?

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