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The rude nurse called earlier today. It wasn’t the first time she’s called since that horrible encounter two weeks ago, but it was the first time she called where I could pass the phone off to mom. Mom had told the home health care place that she didn’t want the woman to come again, but they didn’t seem to give her that message. (Of course, Mom also told them that she didn’t want her to come one day and a few hours later, she tried to come anyway.) This time, though, Mom got to tell her that she didn’t want to see her again. So, yay! That’s one  less person that I have to deal with in my life that causes me some level of uncontrollable rage. So I guess that requires a dance of the no-more-rage-inducing-nurse variety.

What else has been going on?

Yesterday’s post about the Pornography Harms Facebook page was apparently popular–at least, according to Jetpack. Around 100 people came here after it was posted. No doubt that some of the people who came were disappointed by the lack of boobage and testicles in the post. Sorry about that, disappointed folks. Technically, I am still engaged in a discussion on there, but I don’t expect anything to come of it, except that I will become more frustrated with them.

I take comfort in knowing that they will be equally frustrated with me. Yes, sometimes I truly enjoy getting into arguments and pissing people off. That doesn’t make me evil. (Though I’m sure someone will claim it does.) It just makes me the daughter of two argumentative parents who happened to come from equally argumentative families. Getting bitchy just runs in the family.

Right now, I’m also in a discussion with people on the Facebook page for WHNT, the local CBS affiliate, about marriage equality. Someone on there actually compared gay marriage to different species mating. Actually, she called them different races of animals. All I could really glean from her comment was that she thought that being gay wasn’t natural, mixed races in anything is bad, and that she doesn’t fully understand how to turn her Caps Lock key off or find punctuation marks.

I was proud of one person on there that told the station off. They’ve repeatedly posted basically the same discussion, and each time it has led to a bunch of people spouting ignorance galore and telling everyone who disagreed that they were going to Hell. They claim that they want us to have actual discussions, but they always seem to end up making things worse. Yes, it would be nice if people in this area could discuss their beliefs about topics without resorting to one group telling the other that they were going to be punished after death, but that’s not going to happen. And, what makes it worse, is that some people on there get scarily angry about these kinds of issues and it worries me that this is going to cause some bad stuff to happen to anyone who doesn’t stick to a typical southern/redneck agenda. (I realize where I live and what people in this area can do to people that they call abominations.)

Other than all the arguing, I’ve mainly just been reading and playing with Amy.

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  • Kate

    “Other than all the arguing, I’ve mainly just been reading and playing with Amy.”

    I giggled aloud at the ending. Just like; “Eh. No biggy!” :’) <3

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