Something New-ish to Work On

Well, I went to my hematologist today. The good news is that I was wrong about the iron-deficiency anemia being back. The doctor said that today’s (well, last week’s) levels were the best that he had seen for me. (The only part of the CBC results that worried me was my hematocrit was pretty high.) He said that, for now, we don’t have to worry about that issue.

There is bad news, though.

My B12 (as well as my Folate) had dropped quite a bit since the last time I’d had my labs done there. It had been in the 300’s a few months ago, but this time it was at 188 pg/ml this time. He said that that was way too low. The gastric bypass surgery plus my family’s history (almost every member of my dad’s dad’s family, including my father–none of whom have had weight loss surgery) of having pernicious anemia is probably to blame. (The doc said that hereditary B12 deficiencies are rare. I wonder what he’d think of our D and other nutrient deficiencies.)  Well, that and I had quit taking the tablets my family doctor prescribed last summer, when she noticed that it was near the low end of normal. (She was having me do 100 mcg/day tablets, which didn’t help at all. I couldn’t convince her to give me the injections, which is my preferred way to do B12.)

So I get to go back to giving myself injections every month. Well, first I have to give them to myself every day for a week, then every week for 7 weeks. After that I’ll be able to go to once a month. I have to go back in July to see what’s going on. I won’t see the doctor then–I’ll get to see the nurse practitioner that time.  He seemed to think I’d be on injections for the foreseeable future. He said I’d need supplements forever, which is something I kind of already knew.

Other than that, he wants me to go on The Dukan Diet, so I picked up the book at the library on the way home. From how he described it, it sounds like I’ll have to give up most carbs, which is not something I’m looking forward to. He said that it was mainly a meat and vegetable diet, which is fine, except that vegetables have been making me sick a lot lately. I guess I have to get used to that. He also wants me to exercise 45 minutes every day, even if I just walk at a very slow pace. I guess that that will be okay.

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