Beware the Ides of March

On Wednesday, I thought that the fourteenth was the day that I had to go see the doctor and possibly get lab work. Apparently, I was wrong. My appointment with the doctor is on the twentieth (next Wednesday) and the “possible” lab work was scheduled for the thirteenth (this past Wednesday), so the receptionist was a bit shocked to see me on Thursday. She called the nurse for my doctor so that they could get the orders for my labs sent to the lab. It took a while, but they finally got them sent through.

As usual, it took more than one try to hit the vein. Well, on the first try, I think that the tech hit it, but the only blood that came out of it was a small trickle of blood that came out around the needle. She was confused because she “felt it”, which led to her digging and repeatedly hitting the nerve that was near the vein. She wouldn’t fully admit that she had lost it, so she was determined to hit that same nerve. I kept my mouth closed the first few times that she hit it, but eventually the burning/pain got so bad that I spoke up. If it hadn’t hurt so bad, I probably would have kept my mouth closed because I know how hard it is to find my veins, so I expect a little pain any time I get stuck. She was flummoxed because she knew that at some point she could feel it and she didn’t want to take the needle out, so she called another phlebotomist over and he tried with that same spot (and hitting the same nerve), but the blood just kept oozing out around the needle. He told her to try somewhere else.

The second try was in the exact same spot, except it was on the other arm. She told me that regardless of if they got blood or not, this would be the last time I was stuck. I almost pointed out that they would still have to stick me because I was there for anemia, but I decided it was better not to make any kind of snarky comment to someone who was going to put a very sharp piece of metal into my body. This second try actually worked and she started to relax, so I told her that she might not want to get too relaxed because my veins sometimes just quit bleeding while the vials are filling up. She didn’t seem to think that would happen, and I was glad when it didn’t. The fact is that it has happened before and I think that she needed to stay on alert until she was sure she had enough blood. Most people who work on me more than once learn that the hard way. She was a little cocky, though, because the last time she stuck me, she was able to hit it fairly easily. And we are both very lucky that this time her cockiness didn’t cause too much of a problem.

Anyway, I still have about a week left to find out if I’m anemic, which will just give me more time to get anxious and agitated. Between the cravings and the white fingernails, as well as the period that (according to MonthlyInfo) is 21 days late, I’m pretty sure that I’m anemic again. I could be wrong, but the hematologist told me (the last time I saw him) that if I started seeing some of the old signs again (and these were some of them) that it was probably time for me get another infusion or have something else done for my anemia.

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