Graduation Day 2

My dad graduated from Mental Health Court today. That means his charges were officially dismissed and he completed the whole program. He actually did it about 14 months ahead of schedule, so that makes it even cooler. Of course, his charge was based on a city ordinance as opposed to a fully-fledged misdemeanor law. Basically, it was small potatoes in the grand scheme of things at the Municipal Court. Still, it was something to be taken seriously, and he took it extremely seriously.

I’m glad that we can finally start moving past what happened last April, and what led up to it. I think he’ll be happier and calmer and all of those nice things, which will help make mom and me calmer and happier, too. Basically, the stress level in this house will go down.

So, I think this should officially be considered happy dance time.

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2 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  • Jenn

    Congratulations to your dad, and for finishing ahead of schedule. Having dealt with various stressful events in our life, I can definitely imagine what a relief this must be for your family. It’s nice to have closure and be able to look forward, and no longer look behind.

  • Brittney

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