Daily Archives: January 29, 2013

Ten years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery. My weight was 341.3 pounds back then. After the surgery, I got down to about 200 pounds before I started gaining everything back. The same thing happened with my mom’s weight. We figured that it had to do with the medicines we were put back on after the surgery, and that may have factored into it. I’m starting to wonder if there might be something else going on. When we were at the grocery store last week, we ran into another person who had the surgery at the same time as us. She had been losing at the same rate as we had. And, lo and behold, this woman has also gained back the weight. When I pointed it out to my mom later, she¬†said that everyone she’s run into that had the surgery done by the same doctor that we had has regained the weight. I know that the long-term failure rate is around 30%, but it seems odd that so many people from the same doctor failed. It seems like we were either ill-prepared for the surgery and its outcome or that he didn’t do something right. I’ve had endoscopy after endoscopy that has said that that I didn’t stretch my pouch out (except the part where it connects to the bowel) and that it looked “normal” for a post Roux-en-Y, so I’m guessing that it’s that we weren’t prepared for the surgery properly. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting annoyed to get annoyed, but it just feels off somehow.

Failing Miserably