Master Has Presented Dobby with Clothes

My dad had his latest Mental Health Court appearance today. The Judge said that if things continue going the way that they’ve been going that he will be graduating from the program in March. He has one more appearance to make before then, so I think it is time that we have a happy dance or something. No, better yet, let’s have a sock hop.

Anyway, this is really happy news, and I’m almost afraid that I dreamed it, since my dad said it while I was still asleep this morning.

I had a feeling that he would be graduating soon, since he had originally been scheduled to graduate in December. It was only postponed because he missed that appearance in November, which was the point when his depression started getting so much worse that I started worrying about his safety. He thought that after that he would either end up in jail or in the program for the rest of his life or something.

He will still be graduating ahead of schedule compared to the other participants in Mental Health Court. It takes an average of two years for most people to graduate, so he will be getting out about 14 months ahead of schedule compared.

I know getting out of the program will be a big weight off his shoulders, so I can’t help but feel happy for him.

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