They Did, In Fact, Call

A nurse managed to call on Tuesday afternoon at about 2:45 to tell me that the doctor had prescribed a round of Doxycycline that I could go get from the pharmacy. I thanked her and said that I had already gotten the call from the pharmacy. I didn’t mention to her that I had gotten a call from the pharmacy informing me that I had an antibiotic about thirty to forty five minutes earlier. (After calling them on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, they realized that I was probably not going to get the call from the nurse.) I had even taken the first dose of the antibiotic about five minutes before I got the nurse’s call. I also didn’t mention that I had also gotten a call from that office in the morning to schedule a two-week follow-up visit with the family doctor about my sinuses.

So, I have now taken four doses of Doxycycline.

The general instructions for it say that you shouldn’t lay down within thirty minutes of taking it. (You’re also supposed to be careful taking it on an empty stomach or with dairy products.) Because I have had violent reactions to laying down close to the thirty minute mark, I try to wait at least an hour before even considering leaning back at all. This is fine for the middle of the waking hours dose. For the one that is meant to be taken 12 hours after that, this concern is not so fun. If I hadn’t had the bad reaction to laying down before, I’d probably ¬†pretend that that particular caution didn’t exist. As I’ve had the reaction, I know better than to do this. So I just have to suffer through a bit of swaying back and forth for about an hour while I’m unable to lean back.

My mom started getting the same quickly worsening sinus infection symptoms yesterday morning. By yesterday afternoon, I think she was regretting all the times that she had me get her stuff earlier in the week when I was trying to get across that this was the worst sinus infection later. (Of course, even now, when I’m short of breath, I’m still getting stuff for her.) She had never experienced one with such a kick either. And during the People’s Choice Awards last night, my dad said that he was starting to feel like he was getting a sinus infection, too. (For him, sinus infections are rather rare.)

Oy vey.

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