You Must Be Feeling Better

These are the words that always seem to greet me whenever I’m supposed to call the doctor because I’m sick. My mom will hound me for days about how I sound so very sick, then the day that I actually need to call the doctor the most, she always says, “You must be feeling better today.” She usually states how I coughed less during the night, which I think is the result of her becoming more able to sleep through my regular coughing the longer it stays in the regular-area of the frequency scale. (I cough quite a bit when I’m not sick, but when I am sick, it becomes more constant. It has to do with the whole cough-variant asthma, I think.)

BTW, this is the cough that she has learned how to sleep through. It sounds like this all the time, even when I’m not sick. And yes, that does happen. This cough is why I sometimes judge people who cough in a more normal fashion.

It’s also the cough that causes my grandmother and my mother to cringe when they’re awake. Nana thinks I sound just like her mom and had panicky states when we stayed with her last year and I would just randomly cough. My great-grandmother did have a cough like this. In her life, she was diagnosed with bronchiectasis (please don’t look it up on Wikipedia because gross pictures are on there), had a lung removed, was in and out of hospital for infections and COPD, and basically had a bunch of issues with her lungs for years. Oddly, she died from a non-lung related illness, colon cancer. Still, for almost 90 years (she died over 10 years ago) she dealt with having bad lungs. Of course, for almost 80 years now, Nana has had bad lungs, and for over 50 years, my mom has had bad lungs, too. It’s just a family tradition. Neither of them has the cough, though.

And the reason I’m really writing this post and posting this video is to waste the time I have to wait before I can I call the doctor to see if maybe, just maybe I can at least get a new inhaler since I’ve lost my old one, the antibiotics that I turned down, and the cough syrup that I probably need.

And for the record, I really do not feel any better today. I feel worse. My lungs and throat are burning. This tends to happen either when I’ve hurt them from coughing too much or when the extra coughing is the result of bronchitis.

And between the time I started writing this (aka when she woke up) and the time I started to post it, my mom has determined that I sound like I definitely need to go to the doctor, take whatever medicines that the doctor gives me, and be very careful not to make whatever bug caused this get worse.

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