Cashing In My Bad Luck

My sinuses have been acting up lately. When I woke up earlier, they were even worse than they had been. I may be spending some time tomorrow at the doctor, which will be so much fun. I’m sure there will be quite a few kids there who are actually too sick to go back to school after Christmas break, as well as kids who are trying one last desperate attempt to convince their parents that they are too sick to go back to school.

I also need to go by one of the license places in town, as my permit expires this week. I think it actually expires either today or Saturday. (It’s either the third or the fifth.) I figure that I may have to use it at some point, so letting it expire would not be a good idea. I still don’t have the full-fledged license, but it’s good to have the permit around in case I ever have to get my mom or dad or someone with a license somewhere in an emergency, even if I do get dizzy when I drive.

Let’s see…what else is going on? My dad went to get some of our stuff out of storage yesterday. Dan didn’t show up. Well, when dad talked to him on the phone, he said that he got there at about 11:30. My dad said that he (dad) and Tom (another church person) left right after 11:30, so I guess they just missed each other. Anyway, Dan is going to give Tom the key so that Dad and Tom can start getting the stuff back here on Friday morning.

I need to remember to call (or get my mom to call) Christmas Charities Year-Round tomorrow to try to get on the list for kitchen appliances. We still need an oven, dishwasher, water heater, and (probably) microwave. We may also need a washer, since ours is a bit of an ornery thing.


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