A Soundtrack for My Life: 2012

I was thinking about how I spend so much time listening to music, but I never really talk about it on here. So I thought that maybe I could give a list of songs–a soundtrack, if you will–that I listened to, was obsessed with, or felt some kind of connection to over the past year. Maybe I can make this a New Year tradition.

“Everybody’s doing it, so why the hell should I?”

Track 01: Gin Wigmore – “Black Sheep”

It has been pointed out to me in the past that I’ve got a tendency towards being a contrarian. This song is one that I’ve listened to whenever I’ve been feeling stressed. It sort of empowers me and helps me remember that “fuck the world” attitude.

Track 02: Maroon 5 – “One More Night”

Honestly, this was a song that I used to block the world out. I could just turn it on and focus on the song. It helped me to calm down so many times that I lost count.

Track 03: P!nk – “Are We All We Are”

I didn’t realize that I enjoyed this song so much until I started going around singing the lyrics to myself. Admittedly, I sometimes do that with Bieber songs, but I wasn’t as ashamed to do it with this song.

Track 04: Amy Winehouse – “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”

This is probably the most under-appreciated song by her. The version on the soundtrack for Bridget Jones is the better version of it. It’s a slowed down version of a classic song by The Shirelles that I grew up listening to on the oldies/adult contemporary station that my parents always listened to.

Track 05: Garfunkel and Oates – “Pregnant Women are Smug”

Though most expectant mothers* are cool, there are always some who just irk you. So, whenever I would finish talking to one of those irksome ones, I would listen to this to make me laugh.  * = Chances are that if you had a baby in the past few years and I’m still talking to you on a regular basis, this doesn’t apply to you.

Track 06: The Wanted – “Glad You Came”

Okay, I’m almost 29 and I still like some boy band music. I should be more ashamed of that, but I’m not really. This song is just fun.

Track 07: Glee Cast – “Without You”

This is a cover of the song that was released by Usher and David Guetta. It’s slower and more ballad-like than the original. Since I’m a bit of a ballad connoisseur, this version was right up my alley.

Track 08: ZZ Ward – “Blue Eyes Blind”

I’m not really sure why I enjoy this particular song so much. It’s just a good song.

Track 09: Taylor Swift – “Ronan”

It was very difficult to narrow down which Swifty song I would put on this list. I loved just about all of the songs that came out this year, and I love most of her music anyway. I ended up picking this one over “Begin Again”, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, and “All Too Well” (some of my favorites from Red) because this song still manages to make me sob like crazy.

“Ronan” was the song that she did on the Stand Up 2 Cancer special and is about Ronan Thompson, the son of Maya, who blogs at Rockstar Ronan, and Woody Thompson. Maya blogged about Ronan through his fight with neuroblastoma (a childhood cancer that is common and  difficult to treat) and continues to blog about life without Ronan since his death in May of 2011. Taylor Swift was a reader of the blog and wrote this song about him and about the love for him that his family and countless others have.   (BTW – Downloading the song from iTunes benefits The Ronan Thompson Foundation, which is a foundation established to find a cure for neuroblastoma.)

Track 10: Melanie Martinez – “Too Close”

This is a cover by The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez of the Alex Clare song that’s featured in some commercial. It’s a stripped down version of the song, which gives the lyrics a lot more power. It’s very beautiful, and though I love the original version, this was my favorite of the two.

Track 11: Kesha – “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”

This is not the kind of song that you would expect Kesha (aka Ke$ha) to sing. It’s a cover of a Bob Dylan song and was featured on the Bob Dylan tribute album, Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International. It stays true to folk style that Bob Dylan has become an icon of. It is raw and emotional and it doesn’t sound a thing like the girl who likes to sing songs about glitter and brushing her teeth with Jack Daniels.

Track 12: Ellie Goulding – “Lights”

I listened to this song so many times on the trip between Nana’s house and Huntsville while the house was condemned. It was one of the songs that was played over and over by the radio station that my parents now listen to. It became one of those songs that sort of grew on me.

Track 13: Lindsey Pavao – “Say Aah”

I apparently like covers. I also like artists that have their own sound. Lindsey Pavao used this song to tried out for the second season of The Voice. Her version debuted at #80 on the Billboard Charts, making her the first person from that season to end up on the charts. She didn’t win, but she did manage to leave her own Lindsey-style mark on that season.

“I’m not going to listen to what the past says.”

Track 14: Lana Del Rey – “Diet Mountain Dew”

The singer that many a Tumblr user worships in some way, shape or form. Many like her more well-known songs. (You know, the ones she actually released as singles.) I think this is actually her best song, though. It’s got just enough of an earworm quality that it is hard to get out of your head, yet it is high enough quality that you don’t really want it to get out of your head.

Track 15: Mackenzie Bourg – “Call Me Maybe”

So this song was kind of a big deal for Carly Rae Jepsen, but I don’t like her version so much. (It goes back to the whole contrarian thing.) Mackenzie took this huge hit and covered it on, you guessed it, The Voice. His version involved a bit more acoustic guitar and a bit less of the bubblegum-style. It actually made me appreciate the original song, which is quite an amazing feat.

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