The Absent Headache

I think that I’ve figured out why my head has felt like I’ve got a 20 pound weight on it. (I explained it to my mom as it being similar to when Blizzard, our almost 20-pound cat that died around the time that I got this domain in 2001, would sometimes end up going to sleep on our heads when she would lay on the end of the couch.) I have been trying to figure it out since it started, but I finally saw something a couple of hours ago that seemed to fit. Apparently, with anemia, you can get this type of headache. It just means that my head’s not getting the proper amount of oxygen.

It kind of pisses me off that I’ve spent the greater part of this last year dealing with a condition that is so simple to diagnose, but so damn hard to treat. You don’t expect to have anemia for a year when you live in a country where food is abundant. It seems more like the problem that you would have in a place where famines are going on. Of course, with the gastric bypass surgery, the family history on both sides of anemia, and my body’s typical fuck-you-I’m-too-good-to-process-food-properly attitude, it shouldn’t surprise me that this is going on.

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