‘Cause You Cause Me Such Pain

I didn’t expect Christmas this year to be okay, but it was for the most part. My dad only had a one rage-like outburst, which was so much better than how he’d been doing. He got upset when he got stuck with cooking the turkey breast in the little convection oven. Mom was going to do it. (She started trying to get up and do things a couple of weeks ago–even after being told she still had three weeks to go before she was allowed to walk.) She ended up nearly falling, so he took over. He was having trouble figuring out how to do it, and she was bossing him around about it from the living room. I was asleep on the couch before this all started, so I woke up and took over. He calmed down after that, and she started bossing me around instead. I finally held up my hands and told her firmly to stop. That worked. (I wish I had known that that worked years ago.)

The turkey cooked for a couple of hours, while I continued to sleep. When it was done, my dad got it out and served us turkey and (microwaved) macaroni and cheese. It was pretty good. A few hours later, we had some apple pie. Before we had the pie, I started having a migraine. Apparently, the turkey breast had been marinated in something by the wonderful people at Butterball. It had tasted pretty salty when we were eating it, and my mom mentioned a bit later that when she got it out that it was coated in some kind of liquid or something. Anyway, the marinade apparently had something in it that caused the migraine-prone part of my head to feel like it was exploding. My blood pressure started going on up, as did my temperature. (When I get sudden onset headaches, that’s not unusual.) I eventually managed to get it under control with some medicine, ice packs, and a very quick hot shower that I took between thunderstorms.

The thunderstorms, which weren’t nearly as strong here as they were in South Alabama, caused the power to blink. The power happened to blink right in the middle of the special Christmas episode of Doctor Who. (This was also right around the same time that my headache had reached its worst stage.) Anyway, because we have DirecTV, the power blinking caused the satellite receiver to turn off. So it took almost thirty minutes to get it back on and get the signal back to it. Needless to say, I was not amused. Luckily BBC America is one of those channels that repeats its primetime programming twice after it finishes airing. I was able to see the end of the episode, the Graham Norton show, the 10 PM news and the part of “The Angels Take Manhattan” episode that makes me (and many fans) sob grossly before the re-airing of the special came on. I was avoiding the internet during this time because I didn’t want to read any spoilers about the episode. I knew they would be all over Tumblr after 2 or 3 PM in Central Time.

During the second showing, I was afraid the satellite was going to go out again at the same point. The wind and rain had picked back up, so I was actually shocked when it made it all the way through. The episode was cool, though I now have a tiny fear of snowmen. (Thanks, Moffat.)  And when it snowed the day after Christmas, my dad and I managed to make a few Doctor Who jokes as we saw snow start to fall while we journeyed to my (only-considered-late-by-one-day-even-though-they-were-due-Sunday) library books back to the closest branch of the library.

Anyway, Christmas was pretty cool except the headache, the postponed Doctor Who, and the fear that came while mom was talking to Nana on the phone. Apparently, Will and Eileen were too sick to spend Christmas with her, due to bronchitis. Eric stayed with them, so it was just Aunt Barbara and Uncle Danny. And Deb visited her later. While mom talked to Nana, I assumed my typical paranoid feeling of “oh what did I do now” that I have begun feeling every time that Nana calls. (It’s legitimate paranoia.)  So, yeah, being scared was one of the less enjoyable things from the day, but that’s not a Christmas-specific feeling, so maybe I shouldn’t count that against the day. Like I was saying, it was an okay sort of day.

Since Christmas, there has been some good news. Mom is now actually allowed (by her orthopedist) to walk around some. She was told to pay attention to her pain level. If it’s hurting, she’s supposed to get off of it. I doubt that she always will. She will think that she should stay on it, even with the pain, because she’s stubborn.

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