But You’re Friction

Well, I had the dreaded appointment today. You know how I was so worried that it had been rescheduled for when my doctor was in, instead of the nurse practitioner, and I thought that that must mean that something horrible was wrong with me? There was no need to worry. I overreacted. I still ended up seeing the nurse practitioner.

My iron level is at 54, which is just above where it needs to be (it has to be between 50-150) so that my blood can carry oxygen properly. So, that’s a good thing. My platelet level has gone down to the 340 (x1000) range, which means that the clotting risk is not as bad now. (Platelets go up when you’re anemic.) We still don’t know what’s going on to cause the anemia.

At the urging of my mom, I brought up the indoor sunburns, the abdominal pain, and the blood pressure/pulse issues. Niki, the nurse practitioner, said I need to have a CT scan and see a dermatologist. The CT scan is scheduled for Friday; the dermatologist is scheduled for two days after my birthday–in February. I’m not expecting anything to show on the CT scan, since the last one was ruled as being within normal limits. (I still hate that phrase.) I have to go back to see Niki again next Thursday. I don’t know what we’re going to talk about, other than the CT. Maybe she has to report back to my hematologist and see what he wants to do. Maybe it’s just the CT thing.

I’m not as worried now as I was before the appointment, though I’m now back to wondering what’s been causing the anemia and I’m worried about what happens when my levels (eventually) start dropping again.

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